Rimor SB 630

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Camper Van Gas Lantern

This is one of the most versatile camping gadgets that one can imagine. My good old Campingas Lantern. It serves both as light source and as a heater. My lantern is a very convenient one, it comes with a piezo lighter. No more cigarette lighter needed for lighting it. As shown above, my lantern is usually … Continue reading

Rimor Camper Van Electric System

This is an article about the electric system of the Rimor SuperBrig 630. Here comes the main switch board: If you don´t speak Italian, then switch the language to English: move the cursor to the “door” symbol and press “OK”. You can the select with the “left/right” arrows the various languages. Once you have reached … Continue reading

Rimor Superbrig 630 – Living Area Battery compartment

One of the most important but often forgotten areas of the Rimor is the living area battery compartment, which is found on the right side of the vehicle, just over the rear wheel, in the picture below marked with a red arrow: And here is the same compartment shown with an open door: The upper … Continue reading

Camper Van Rimor Superbrig 630 – Intro

My friends Sally and Stephen are planning a Camper Van trip through Germany this summer, this is why I started to compile a manual for my old Rimor Super Brig 630: everything about it from taking it over, going where, sleeping where, until doing small repairs and putting it back into the storage. You can … Continue reading

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