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RV frying set

This is one of the most important tools for having a happy time in the RV: The frying set.



It consists of a large frying pan with a diameter of about 35cm, a small frying pan with a diameter of about 15cm, a portable Campingaz cooker of French origin with small and medium gas bottles, a hot oil splash guard which looks like a sieve, and a steel frying scraper or spatula (it can be seen only partly behind the handle of the hot oil splash guard).

With this frying set, you can fry and bake all and everything outside the camper van. This is important because you cannot sleep in a camper van after using a frying pan on the internal gas stove.

Choose the size of the small or medium gas bottle according to the length of your stay in the camper van. A small gas bottle is good if you have only a few days or almost a week. Use the big one for a whole week or an even longer stay.

I use the small frying pan for toasting the breakfast bread (some call it bruschetta or torrada) or for making a large steak that we later share in two. One can also use the small frying pan for keeping fried onions or other vegetable warm while frying the large meat in the big pan. The small frying pan then rests inside the large frying pan until the big chunk of meat is done.

Wrapping it with a piece of aluminum foil, the hot oil splash guard can be easily turned into a pan lid for the large frying pan. The large frying pan is not only good for frying meat and fish but also for baking frozen pizzas from the supermarket.

The Campingaz cooker comes with an integrated piezo initiator which is operated by pressing the gas valve button. Very easy to use! The blue Campingaz gas bottles can be found all over Europe. They are a bit expensive, but nothing is cheap when it comes to camper vans, and the Campingaz gas bottles are very handy.

One word about cleaning the frying pans. Don´t wash them in soap water, it is too much effort and not necessary. The pans will only lose their taste when you wash them. Any bacteria left will die once you use them the next time. Use the pans with plenty of cooking oil when you prepare food and just wipe the remainders off after the frying job is done, with the steel spatulum and with some kitchen paper. As you can guess now, kitchen paper rolls are one of the most important utilities in a camper van.

In the following, I show you some pictures of frying two small rib-eye steaks with fried onions at the side. The Aluminum foils are used as pan lids, to keep the steaks and the onions warm from the upside. You can see that I simply placed the small pan pan into the big pan to keep the onions warm while the rib-eye steaks are made to the point.

2014-07-27 21.14.32

above: you can see the two pans inside of each other, with aluminum foils to keep the upper sides warm. I put the steel spatulum on top of the anti-splash sieve so I do not need to hold it in my hand while frying.

2014-07-27 21.14.36

The same arrangement before putting the anti-splash sieve:

2014-07-27 21.14.39

You can see the yummy fried onions, one of the most simple and tasty fried vegetables. You can have them for breakfast, together with a good German bread and some Irish salted butter:

2014-07-27 21.14.46

The two rib-eye steaks with aluminum foil on top:

2014-07-27 21.14.51

Before you start to complain: the steaks are still red and juicy inside, while they are charred on the outside. They are indeed yummy. They just need some salt and freshly crunched black pepper. Maybe some Rosemary, but that´s it. Google for “Pittsburg Style Steak” if you want to know more about this cooking style:

2014-07-27 21.14.57

You can see the result below. The potatoe mash has been cooked inside the RV, using the built in gas stove. No problem because there is no smell when cooking potatoe mash. Use some parsley for the potatoe mash, it gives it a nice taste.

Pittsbrg stzle steak


And here is my beloved 1.3kW Campingaz cooker as seen from above:

2014-07-27 21.15.07



And this is another result: 400g grain-fed Bavarian rib-eye beef, together with Munich Pfister bread and Silvaner of the Roemmert Estate in Kitzingen/Unterfranken. The curd/joghurt cheese with herbs on the upper right side is of Greek origin and it is called “Tsaziki”, a must with all kind of meat.

2014-09-08 00.45.09