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Camper Van Gas Lantern



This is one of the most versatile camping gadgets that one can imagine. My good old Campingas Lantern. It serves both as light source and as a heater.

My lantern is a very convenient one, it comes with a piezo lighter. No more cigarette lighter needed for lighting it.

As shown above, my lantern is usually dangling from a hook in the rear of the living compartment of the camper van, thereby preventing the very sensitive incondescent gas mantle from being destroyed. In case of emergency, there is one replacement gas mantle provided in the “bits and pieces” box in the trunk of the camper van. Just push it over the middle stem of the lamp and fit both sides of it inside the respective notches in the middle stem. Then light it, and the natural fibers will burn, leaving the mineral fibres to form the gas mantle. Don´t touch it and also do not use it to lighten a cigarette, it will immediately be destroyed.

Be careful with it when it is still hot! Even if it does not burn anymore, it can easily spark a fire when put onto a blanket or similar.