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a rainy Munich day in the RV

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Camper Van Gas Lantern

This is one of the most versatile camping gadgets that one can imagine. My good old Campingas Lantern. It serves both as light source and as a heater. My lantern is a very convenient one, it comes with a piezo lighter. No more cigarette lighter needed for lighting it. As shown above, my lantern is usually … Continue reading

Rimor Camper Van Electric System

This is an article about the electric system of the Rimor SuperBrig 630. Here comes the main switch board: If you don´t speak Italian, then switch the language to English: move the cursor to the “door” symbol and press “OK”. You can the select with the “left/right” arrows the various languages. Once you have reached … Continue reading

Cafe WoMo

This shows my little Italian coffee machine with 5 coffee pads from any supermarket in Germany. This is so cool! Just stuff 5 coffee pads into the little sieve, fill the lower container up with water and put it on a gas flame. Once the coffee machine stops to make noise, the coffee is ready. … Continue reading

Kawasaki ER-6N – just beautiful

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Motorbügel Honda NC700

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