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Buying Real Estate in Singapore

This is a dialogue in April 2016:

Martin for info please. My company propnex ceo is speaking.
Seminar Day 1 –
2014 and 2015 were torrid years for Malaysia and 2016 began with increased uncertainty and volatility. What should property investors look out for in 2016? Here are 10 trends that will shape the Malaysian property market in 2016 and how they will affect investors.

THURS 23:04

the webpage is unclear. Which day of the event should I book? Day 1 or day 2?
how long is his talk?
why should I take part?

FRI 00:37

Hi Martin, I’m sending out to you because u have earlier requested that I inform u as u r keen to attend such talks by my CEO. This is for info only That’s all.
My CEO talk is on day 1. His name is Ismail. Thank u.

FRI 17:52


hello Melissa, I checked out your CEO and I find him a bit biased. No wonder as he runs a real estate agent company.
Is there any independent real estate expert in Singapore who gives advice to potential buyers?


Oh u attended his talk ? What r some viewpoints which u find r biased ?
What would such independent real estate expert earn his royalties or fees from, in your view ?
John Schaub :: Home
April 23 & 24, 2016 Tampa FLHoliday Inn Tampa Airport WestshoreRegister for the seminar on the “Seminars” page of this site http://www.johnschaub.com/schaub-seminars/
in the USA. His price is 600 US$ for attending one seminar
Whats the networking session about ? And he is say something about investment plan, he has no investment partners? He doesnt advocate taking action to buy ?
your boss’ seminar is on 07/08 May, in two weeks time
Oic….so u have not heard him yet
the problem is that I simply don’t trust him when it comes to advice in investing in real estate, as your company is a part of the value chain
Misunderstanding , i tot u heard him n said he is biased
I have heard a long interview with him last year
Its strategy n positioning i guess
you SG real estate people always have the same perspective: now is a good time to buy, prices will not fall much because of the many cooling measures that can be withdrawn, interests are low, etc. etc.
but no one talks about the big picture, taking into account what I have see with my own eyes since 2001.
it is just as if they all believe that effects such as the tiger states crisis 1997, the .com bubble 2000, the 09-11, the SARS, the Lehman crisis will never come back
I am preparing for a major recession which is already hitting Singapore, and it will last much longer than 2008/2009
Central banks have shot their wads, so there is no easy way out this time.
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From my own experience, I can say that Europe is curently in very bad shape. It is only Germany, which keeps it up, but only with money printed by the European Central Bank ECB.
and over 15 years in Singapore, I have not seen one single person in the real estate area who could predict what was to come. I always heard the same things in 2001, 2003, and 2007: now is a good time to buy, prices will not fall much because of the many cooling measures that can be withdrawn, interests are low, etc. etc.
although the same or a similar real estate could be bought with a 40% discount, if one only waited 2 more years.
oh, I forgot to mention that the US economy is also in very bad shape. The USA are currently living on US government bonds bought by foreign investors, because they have the best rating in the world.
Melissa, will your CEO talk about all this? I believe that this is highly unlikely.