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Luftbild Weilheim

Marienplatz Weilheim

Luftbild Weilheim

Weilheim Zarges 1964

Weilheim Dietlhofer See 10/2019

Weilheim Obere Stadt um 1925

Weilheimer Geld 1923

Marienplatz Weilheim ca. 1968

Sad But Typical Story of a Known Supermarket Chain Outlet in Singapore

I know this Singapore supermarket chain for a long time. This outlet sits in the basement of one of the newer shopping malls in Singapore, in the KINEX mall. Basement. I was told that this supermarket generated a loss of more than one million SGD per year, which translates to more than 100k SGD per … Continue reading

Obere Stadt vom Rathausplatz aus, ca. 1900