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I am probably not like the typical radio amateur. I am doing electronics for my job and I need the radio amateur license for building, preparing, and for having the different set-ups ready for transmitting.

But my life as a radio amateur is therefore relatively easy. I am doing CW which involves only very few pieces of equipment. Not that I am very good in CW but I find that it is the pure art and it is also more challenging. There is more gain in it than in simply doing CB radio.

You may hear me as 9V1MS – which is my main callsign – from my tiny shack in Singapore or as DB4SMA/m when I am mobile in Europe.


This is a collection of short articles about my Ham radio gear. I will not only describe my gear here, but also how to apply it. This is finally the ultimate reason why I have it.

I am more a Ham with a technical spirit. Doing QSOs is great but I am not the one for contests. Once I have fired up my radio, I am happy with one confirmed QSO. I write my QSL card by hand and that’s it. I then do other things in my tiny shack. By that, I come up to 100+ QSOs per year, not more.

This may change one day, but I must first improve my CW. As you can imagine now, I do even not have a microphone for my gear.


Yaesu FT-757GX

my main and favorite radio


My main radio is a Yaesu FT-757GX from the early eighties of the last century. I was allowed to set up a 12m vertical fishing rod on the rooftop of our house. We live on top floor of our house so that the coax feeder is …

the world’s first decent commercial SDR

Thanks God, I have a second radio in the shack with a second antenna on the rooftop! It is the good old WiNRADiO G-303e. I run it …

Not happy with the setup. What to do?

Reflections on purchasing a new radio.

Now back to the FT-757GX. Ok, one could also replace both the FT-757GX and the G-303e. Please look what are the facts that are driving me when I think about improving my setup.

Morsen – CW

die Sprache der Wahl beim Amateurfunk

Hier gibt es eine Überschneidung auf meiner Homepage. Morsen hat zwar mit dem Amateurfunk zu tun aber eigentlich ist es eine eigene Sprache. Von daher habe ich es in der Rubrik “Sprachen” näher behandelt.

Guckst Du hier:

Funkamateure – Amateurfunker

radio HAMs – radio amadores

Funkamateure sind schon komisch. Fragen Sie mal meine Frau.

Hier eine Geschichte, die ich im Internet gefunden habe. Ich weiß nicht, wer sie geschrieben hat. Vielleicht gibt mir ja mal jemand einen Tip.

“Was mich betrifft, so gestehe ich offen, daß ich keine wie immer gearteten Neidkomplexe gegen irgendeine Gesellschaftsschicht, Kaste, …

Yaesu FT-450

my new radio

For those who follow my homepage it was very clear that one day I will buy a new radio. There is a long article here with the alternatives available.

I have studied so much about the new FT-450 that I was even not eager to try it out once I have bought it. It sits on my …

TecSun TS-2000

a neat lttle Chinese radio


this is going to be an article about the TecSun TS-2000.

I was there in October 2009 and have bought it for EUR …

3/8″ Ham Antennas

 The standard threading is a UNF 3/8″ with 24tpi

see also

Singapore Sling

how to set up a wire antenna into a coconut palm

a harmless wire antenna launcher a little project that became quite famous, please see below …

magnetische Loop-Antennenen

vertical antenna up

This is anbout setting up my my new vertical antenna. Its base is a 6m long 1 3/8″ aluminium tube which is taken up into the lawn at its lower side. The tube is secured to a little roof in the backyard of our …

photo (7).JPG

repairing my 8-year old Baby Loop

I have taken my good old baby loop down from the roof top because one of the plastic brackets of the tuning actuator was broken. A replacement part together with the anti-oxidant paste for renewing the connection between the two half loops and the bent stainless steel connector sheet was 30 EUR from …
WA7BNM Contest Calendar
Calendar of ham radio contests
04.08.18: YL-ISSB QSO Party, SSB 0000Z, Jan 11 to 2359Z, Jan 12 04.08.18: MI QRP January CW Contest 1200Z, Jan 11 to 2359Z, Jan 12 04.08.18: SKCC Weekend Sprintathon 1200Z, Jan 11 to 2400Z, Jan 12 04.08.18: UK DX BPSK63 Contest 1200Z, Jan 11 to 1159Z, Jan 12 04.08.18: North American QSO Party, CW 1800Z, Jan 11 to 0559Z, Jan 12 04.08.18: NRAU-Baltic Contest, CW 0630Z-0830Z, Jan 12 04.08.18: DARC 10-Meter Contest 0900Z-1059Z, Jan 12 04.08.18: NRAU-Baltic Contest, SSB 0900Z-1100Z, Jan 12 04.08.18: QRP Fox Hunt 0200Z-0330Z, Jan 15 04.08.18: AWA Linc Cundall Memorial CW Contest 2300Z, Jan 15 to 2300Z, Jan 16 and 2300Z, Jan 18 to 2300Z, Jan 19 04.08.18: NAQCC Straight Key/Bug Sprint 0130Z-0330Z, Jan 16 04.08.18: QRP Fox Hunt 0200Z-0330Z, Jan 17 04.08.18: NCCC Sprint Ladder 0230Z-0300Z, Jan 17 04.08.18: LZ Open Contest 0000Z-0400Z, Jan 18 04.08.18: Hungarian DX Contest 1200Z, Jan 18 to 1159Z, Jan 19 04.08.18: North American QSO Party, SSB 1800Z, Jan 18 to 0559Z, Jan 19 04.08.18: ARRL January VHF Contest 1900Z, Jan 18 to 0359Z, Jan 20 04.08.18: Feld Hell Sprint 2000Z, Jan 18 to 0300Z, Jan 19

useful weblinks

masts & accessories, antenna wire, etc. http://www.dx-wire.de/brit/ Mid-Wave & Short-Wave Radio in Asia: http://www.asiawaves.net/index.htm

silver plated & insulated copper wire

isolierter Silberdraht oder versilberter Kupferdraht

 if you build your own ham radio gear, especially a passive detector, then use silver plated and insulated wire for its coils. It works much better than normal copper wire and it often makes the difference between hearing a station and not hearing it. Here is a source for a brand called "Kynar" www.jonard.com/jonard-ecommerce/control/product/~product_id=11016